Jessie is the most feisty of our animals. She loves to be fed fresh grass, but won't always stick around for a stroke. Jessie was already here when we bought the site, shes over 15, very pretty and most definitely the boss!

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2 Mamas + 3 Baby Pygmy Goats

The Girls

We have quite the herd of pygmy goats, we started with just 3, and since then our pack has doubled in size! Can be heard shouting for food at breakfast time!


Representing the Mighty Ducks


Daffy is our youngest little duck to join the paddling. He is quickly becoming a family favourite with his cheeky mannerisms and cute quacking. We have 5 other free waddling quacks and every now and again are treated to a tasty duck egg. 

Adorable Kid Holding Chicken

Free ranging chickens

The Kardashi-hens

Our flock of free-range chickies are all friendly, and great little layers. Will definitely sniff out any scraps for breakfast, so be careful to hide your food if they're clucking about...

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3 little duckies

Call ducks

We have 3 little call ducks in a smaller, safe enclosure. loud, proud and really sweet. The momma duck is very broody - we are hoping soon we may be lucky enough to have a few new additions to the family. 



Babs + Jess

Babs and Jess love nothing more than a big juicy carrot, but will ee-ohr for a healthy handful of grass too! You will most likely hear them singing before you see her. The girls loves to be brushed and are extremely affectionate.


Pygmy Goat


This is our billy, Rocket! He has established himself as the king of the castle, and is the number 1 escape artist! He must be the first to snack when the treats come out. 

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+ his girls

Garry the goose

Loud, proud and run the roost.

Garry and his girls will mostly be found patrolling the enclosure. Good for scaring away crows, but also chase the off duck out of their paddling pool!


Silkie trio

Our trio of silkies started as a flock of 5 we named after the spice girls. Sadly a couple of broody momma's recently passed, leaving 3 feisty cocks with small man syndrome. Really cute, and really tiny!



Flash and Brrown

Our two little Guinea's are the most recent addition to our family. Bought as pets for our two littlest team members. They love a juicy carrot and happy to much on dandelions if you happen to pass